Warm Fuzzies

I’m using part of my charity fund this iteration to buy delicious green wool to spin up and send to Afghanistan.  Or when a4A doesn’t have a drive going, I may also make things for Warm Woolies, a similar charity distributing to tribal reservations in the US and orphanages in Central Asia and Russia.  I shall make hats.  Lots and lots of warm hats.  Today I ordered some Icelandic wool in green and brown pencil roving (very very thin roving that you can just spin up as-is) that should work out to a couple pounds of yarn in only a few hours spinning.  When I say Icelandic, I mean not only the breed of sheep, but that it is actually from Iceland.  With remarkably cheap shipping for being from Iceland.  And very reasonably-priced wool.  Icelandic wool is not the softest in the world, but it’s not too coarse, is amazingly warm, and is water-resistant.  This will keep small children’s heads warm and dry :-)

This week’s schedule has been weird.  I’ve totally lost track of what day of the week it is.  It was the “weekend”, then it wasn’t the weekend, then it was the weekend, and now it will never be the weekend again. (Counting days where I’m being paid to be busy and days where I’m paying Simmons to be busy, I will be working for eight days straight.)


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  1. 1

    Rosie said,

    I am forever mystified by people who I see on Sundays during work and seem confused that I am working. I say “really? it’s the weekend? Oh, that’s nice.” And then when I’m off on Wednsday I am confused by all the people wo are still working…

  2. 2

    Cousin E said,

    We went to a local fiber event and I bought a spinning wheel!!!!!!! It’s an Ashford, very nice, works beautifully and I am SO hooked. It’s not as pretty as my lovely handmade drop spindle :), but then, few things are.

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