More jars

— 4 pints and one 10-oz jar corn-tomato salsa

— 5 half-pint jars watermelon jelly (I hope…otherwise it’s watermelon…um…flavoring syrup?)  Edit: Yeah, the little leftover bit that I stuck in the fridge doesn’t seem to be setting.  But I bet one of those half-pint jars would nicely flavor a pitcher of seltzer for homemade soda :-)  I wonder what’s up with my pectin problems?  It’s supposed to last more or less indefinitely and I think I put it in at the right time this batch.

— Some experimental slices of watermelon in the dehydrator.  Yes, you can evidently dry watermelon.  It concentrates the sugars and gets intensely sweet.  This concept amuses me.

Note to self: do not clean the kitchen floor in the middle of canning season.  I mean, get the macroscopic gunk and spills off it, but wait to actually scrub until you’re not planning to coat it in corn and watermelon juice the next day.

(And yes, I have the day off again.  I work on Saturday and Sunday this week.  And Labor Day.  I am not exactly thrilled with this plan, but I enjoy food and rent.)


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  1. 1

    Aunt ML said,

    Re: pectin issues. Are you altering the amount of sugar in the recipe at all? I don’t think regular pectin likes that.
    I used the low/no sugar (can’t remember) pectin to make peach jam once. It was kinda brown and unappetizing.
    Can you believe that folks used to make jam without pectin? I think they had to boil the daylights out of it before putting it in the jars, and hope for the best.

    • 2

      limesarah said,

      It’s low-sugar pectin, but I’ve used it before with no problems. I find regular pectin recipes too sweet; the sugar overwhelms the fruit flavor.

      I have always kind of wanted to try old-fashioned jam-making, though :-) You essentially make hard candy but stop halfway.

      • 3

        Rosie said,

        Actually, the only success I have ever had with jam jelling was doing it the old fasioned way. It’s really easy with marmalades, or you can throw some chopped under-ripe apple into low-pectin fruits. I just made some awesome blackberry preserves, no pectin, but lots of wild blackberries and a few bugs!

  2. 4

    Aunt ML said,

    Rosie’s Famous Blackberry ‘n’ Bugs Preserves!

    Got a zucchini today; planning to make some dehydrator chips. Might use Old Bay Seasoning…

  3. 5

    Aunt ML said,

    Ew! My zucchini chips were nice and crunchy, but awful! Maybe it was the Old Bay seasoning (the chips were kind of sweet), maybe I’m just not a zuc chip person.

    The pears from our yard came out much better.

    E & I had our first Irish Step Dancing class last night. This is going to take a lot of practice!

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