Still too hot

But the convenient thing about heat waves in late August is that by now the stores have decided that summer is over and we’re now in back-to-school season.  This means that cute little oscillating desk fans are half-off. :-)  And I’m waiting for the ice pop molds I got on Amazon to arrive.  I don’t handle heat quite as well as I thought I did.  Maybe my metabolism’s shifted after all, either from the not-having-a-thyroid or from moving to New England or both.  But now I’m much more prepared…I may also get some of those freezer gel headband thingies, especially since they double as microwave gel thingies for winter.

And we got a cantaloup in our CSA share yesterday.  Mmm…cantaloup.  I was nice and saved Ben a piece for when he gets back from PiCon tonight.  Since there were no services this week, once I got back from the farm I really had no reason to do anything yesterday other than sit under the ceiling fan eating chilled cantaloup and reading things that do not require brain.  I hope things cool off in two weeks when my classes start.

I’m thinking of crocheting a lace cotton tallit for summer.  The silk one is translucent, but is still silk, which is deceptively warm.  This is actually resulting in me not praying in the morning because it would require putting on more clothing than absolutely necessary.  Sigh.


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    Rosie said,

    cooled cantilope is god. I probably ate 3/4 of a cantalope by myself over the course of 24 hrs last hitch. It was so excellent. Also good with vanilla ice cream.

  2. 2

    Aunt ML said,

    Hang in there. It’s cooler here, and could be headed your way. :)

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    Still too hot | Suburban Entwife

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