I’ve been making a *lot* of yarn.  I’m going to crochet a baby blanket for “afghans for Afghans“.  It’s one of the few warm-fuzzies-for-charity places I’ve found that actually wants wool (machine-washability is a bit less of an issue there).  I found a great pattern for using small bits of a lot of colors, and I’ve ordered some black alpaca at a really good discount to use as the background color.

I vacuumed most of the apartment and swept the kitchen.  And I put the purple fleece blanket over the couch, because its scuzziness was starting to bug me.  Our couch is a giant block of upholstered foam, that folds out to be a surprisingly comfy couch-bed.  Its invertebrateness is convenient because it means it’s very light, but it was already second-hand from Ben’s previous roommate, so it’s getting kind of past its use-by-date.  But with the purple fleece thing, it magically becomes a pretty purple couch!

I also made some delicious body scrub stuff with salt, sugar, oil, and honey (yum!).  I used olive oil, because that’s what we had.  It makes my skin unpleasantly oily for about two hours, and then it stays soft for *days*.

We have a new coworker who is quite awesome.  But my other coworker and our supervisor were both on vacation last week, so it was kind of weird.  I didn’t get much done; I was feeling really drained last week.  My classes don’t start until September 8 — yay!  I’m taking two Thursday classes, then working Sundays to make up for it.  But then I also now have to work Wednesday evenings and two Saturdays this semester.  Blech.  I do not want to work on Shabbat.  And I really don’t think I’ll be much use working until 9pm…at least I don’t have to start until 2.  I ended up not applying for the Eric Carle Museum job.  I updated my resume and wrote a cover letter, which was a useful exercise, but after the initial excitement died down, I realized that no really, I can’t move to Amherst on 2 weeks notice, couldn’t really live there without a driver’s license anyway, and can’t commute that far while still living here.

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