NHC Institute wrapup

I am back from camp!  Institute was excellent :-)  Some highlights:

— I took a class on signing liturgy and one called “Dancing with the Tree of Life” which took Kabbalistic concepts and applied them to movement and other physical meditations.  Evidently I need to work with Netzach more.  Where by “netzach” I mean “spending less time resembling a doormat”.  Given current American color symbolism, I remain amused that netzach is represented by pink.  The sign class was also amazing…there are a couple songs that I want to teach at our synagogue’s kid-oriented Shabbat evening service, since they translate really well into sign in a way that involves a lot of big fun movements that would be easy for kids to learn.  Kaddish, however, comes out looking a bit peculiar since ASL really only has two words for “praise”.  Hebrew has…several.  “Law” is similarly inconvenient.

— I got to help proofread a Torah scroll!  It was thoroughly awesome.  My partner and I (you work in pairs) proofread the first paragraph of Genesis.  This is part of the “community Torah project” in which a softeret (scribe) is getting as many people as possible involved in the Torah she’s writing…it’s being written on parchment made from deerskin donated by Adirondak hunters, a previous institute workshop helped make some of the parchment, feathers, bamboo, and papyrus for quills have been donated by a wide variety of people (papyrus grows in Florida.  Who knew?).

— I taught people to spin!  They enjoyed it, and I think I ran the workshop more smoothly than the one I did at our synagogue’s retreat.  The “students” at my workshop included the teachers in two of the previously-described classes/workshops, which was a marvelous demonstration of the “everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student” philosophy.

— I have two new hats.  One is a bright orange batik Bukharan (pillbox-hat)-style kippah, and the other is a crocheted one out of wire, white lace, and pearly beads.

— I met plenty of nifty people, including some whom I’d met last year.  Some of them are even in this area, so we might hang out sometime.

— There was an impressive amount of marvelous chanting and singing.  Sacred roundsinging and chanting in large groups with good acoustics is exactly the kind of singing I want to do more of.


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  1. 1

    Batshua said,

    Can I just say that I’m insanely jealous? That sounds like a LOT of fun.

  2. 2

    Aunt ML said,

    May we see pictures of the hats? You’d have to have a head in those photos. :) Or you could just photograph the hats.

    Sorry you missed the birthday festivities.

  3. 4

    tirerim said,

    Yay! I’m glad you had a good time.

    For the record, though, unless the hunters are with the Adirondak Loj, which has several unusual ideas about spelling, it is generally “Adirondack”. :-)

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