Done today

  • Made pickles: 1/2 gallon plus 1/2 quart standard garlicky cucumber pickles, 1/2 quart sweet cinnamon carrot pickles, 1 quart kimchi-style pickled chard stems
  • Paid rent
  • Paid electric bill
  • Set up recurring payments for electric bill so that I remember to pay it
  • Finished reading log for class
  • Finished lesson plans for class
  • Really wished I was a teacher so that I could actually use the lesson plan based on Digger
  • Froze onion tops and chard leaves
  • Used up last of bread for sandwich
  • Did laundry
  • Packed Giant Box o’ Fuzz for workshop
  • Made squash-coconut milk-curry bisque with the summer squash that I cooked a few days ago and never got around to eating.  It can be dinner, or it can go in the freezer.
  • Made some nice 3-ply yarn out of the incredibly-lofty free undyed wool that was thrown in with my mill ends order. (the Sheep Shed Studio sells leftover roving from a yarn company at an amazing discount if you don’t mind getting a box of random stuff.  I ordered some for the workshop)

4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Aunt ML said,

    Giant Box o’ Fuzz?????

  2. 3

    Emily said,

    Have you read Ursula Vernon’s _Nurk_? My fave…

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