Off to camp!

On Monday I will be going to camp…I’ll be away from internet all that week, with the exception of Wednesday night, when I will be signing on briefly to go to class.  Grrrgrumblegrumble.  But otherwise yay!  Institute was amazing last year, so I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll be taking, among other things, a class on signing liturgy in ASL :-D  I’m also teaching a tzitzit spinning workshop.  Ravelry has been a startlingly-useful font of information on that project.

Dinner tonight will be fried green tomatoes…these will be the only tomatoes we will get from the farm.  Whatever we don’t fry up, I’ll stick in the freezer to make salsa out of later.  There hasn’t been an awful lot of food preservation going on this year because of the dismal weather and thus kind of puny harvest.  The things that have done best are greens which are best fresh.  We have gotten *delicious* carrots, though :-)  I may attempt kugel with the new potatoes and onions.


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  1. 1

    Aunt ML said,

    Your camp site looks lovely. I see that the theme is from Deuteronomy; I’m reading in Deuteronomy myself these days.

    Klezmer Jam! That sounds like loads of fun!

    My container tomato plant seems to have turned brown overnight. I fear the worst.

  2. 2

    Batshua said,

    I’ll be taking, among other things, a class on signing liturgy in ASL :-D

    HOORAY! I’ll expect a full report, especially given that all I can do right now is stumble through ASL gloss and HOPE I’m somewhat approaching being right.

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