Kiva Tuesday

Kodzo Soumsa in Togo

Kodzo Soumsa in Togo

Kodzo Soumsa, 38, is married and the father of 5 children. He is the owner of a wooden plank depot in Adeta. Kodzo has been in this business for 10 years and wants to use this loan to re-stock his depot so that he can better respond to the needs of his clientele. [Yes, those are small goats climbing all over the timbers!]

Nidia Lucia Sequeira Suarez in Nicaragua

Nidia Lucia Sequeira Suarez in Nicaragua

Mrs. Nidia Lucia Sequeira lives in the William Díaz Romero district in the capital city of Managua. She is 54 years old, and has three children who go to school. Eighteen years ago, she used her savings to open a business selling cosmetics, clothing, and pork meat. She would like to open a grocery store in her home. With the funds from the loan she will purchase cosmetics, colorful clothing for women and children, and pork meat. Twice a week, she separates pork meat to prepare it for sale. She sends her thanks to the organization for the opportunity afforded by this loan, helping her to increase sales and improve her earnings.

Nazokat Radjabova in Tajikistan

Nazokat Radjabova in Tajikistan

Radjabova Nazokat is 42 years old. She is married to an engineer and they have four school-aged children. Nazokat is a kindergarten teacher by profession, however for several years she has sold children’s clothing. Nazokat and her husband dream that their children will enter higher education, so the income from Nazokat’s business will be spent on educating their children. Nazokat has received an IMON loan once before and proved to be an accurate and reliable client. Now she is requesting 5000 TJS for purchasing new goods to sell. Nazokat and her children thank you sincerely for your generous heart.


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