Boring homework logging

— Got done a lot of wiki entries today

— Wrote up three of five lesson plans this past weekend.  Am still completely unsure whether any of them are at all feasible.  I understand that it will help me as a public librarian to learn to “speak the teachers’ language”, as our professor put it.  But to extend the language metaphor, the way the class is taught he has done the equivalent of pointing us to the Babelfish website and gone, “Look!  Now you know Spanish!  Isn’t that great?”.  Sigh.

— Have a total of 51 books on the list.  We’re supposed to read 50, and my list does not include at least 5 books that I decided not to add to the official list for various reasons.  That’s pretty good for two months :-)

— Tomorrow I will try once again to play with iMovie and make a presentation for class.  If it fails, I will not be sad — I’m essentially doing the same thing I’d be doing in PowerPoint, but putting pretty transitions and music in it.


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