It is now summer.  It’s official, because we have lots of squash and cucumbers :-)  I made some nice refrigerator pickle spears, seasoned with garlic and fresh fennel fronds…I think they’ll make a slightly lighter, fresher effect than dill.  And we didn’t have any dill.  All but one of the pickling cucumbers fit perfectly in one of the half-gallon glass jars the kimchi comes in.  I plan to make lots of refrigerator pickles.

But we did have sad news from the farm today…the tomatoes have late blight, which is Really Really Bad, especially since the farm’s organic.  They were going to spray with copper as a preventative, but weren’t able to do it in time because of the rain.  They removed the obviously-infested tomatoes and sprayed in hopes of saving the rest of them.  At least the other nightshades seem to be spared.  It’s hit the whole region, so there may not be a lot of tomatoes at the farmer’s market, either.


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    Emily said,

    Oh, no – that Late Blight is horrible. :/ Best of luck!

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