Kiva yet again — Loans about to expire!

Due to a recent glut of loans, there are several that have less than a day to go before they expire!  These are all worthy borrowers; they just get lost in the fray:

Parviz Asadov in Tajikistan

Parviz Asadov in Tajikistan

Parviz was born in 1976. He is an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) from the Armenian-occupied territory of the Azerbaijan Fuzuli town, now settled in the Fuzuli region in Bala Bahmanli village.  He is married and has one child. 3 years ago he started an engine oil sales business.  Now he needs a loan of 2,000 AZN to buy spare parts for improving his business.
Only 18 hours left!

Asli Huseynova in Tajikistan

Asli Huseynova in Tajikistan

Asli (her husband is pictured) was born in 1950. You can see in the picture Arzuman Huseynov. This family received the first loan in 2007.  Now they apply for the second loan of 2000 AZN to buy foodstuffs and home appliances for improving their business.   “Thanks Kiva for your help!”   Only 16 hours to go, but only $75 left to fund!

Juan Bautista Group in Bolivia

Juan Bautista Group in Bolivia

The “Juan Bautista” (“John the Baptist”) group is represented by Carmen. This is a new group that brings together people from the same community who know each other well and trust in each other. In general the members make a living selling birds, shoes, bread, groceries in neighborhood stores, candy, empanadas, and some work in transportation with mototaxis. The business environment for the group members is quite competitive, but with their will to work and their experience they are able to make headway to provide their households with a better quality of life. The loan will be used to acquire materials, spare parts, ingredients and tools that will help the members generate more income to make their family finances stable. Despite being a new group the members have experience with group loans and know how to administer the funds well.   Only 1 day left, and a nice short 7-month loan!

Impacto Group in Bolivia

Impacto Group in Bolivia

The Impacto (Impact) Communal Bank is represented by Señora Mariela and is composed of 13 members, the majority of whom are engaged in secretarial work. However, some of the members work at cosmetics catalog sales or selling clothing, or bread to public transport passengers, or they work at manufacturing articles of clothing. Their competence at selling products is high but the members know how to get ahead thanks to their experience and their desire to grow since the well being of their families depends on it. The objective of the loan is to open up independent businesses and for the acquisition of merchandise in order to increase their incomes and be able to provide their families with a better quality of life. Despite the fact that the group members don’t have experience in solidarity groups they are eager to work to get ahead, and they are thankful for being able to have the economic support that Fundación Agrocapital provides them.   Another nice short Bolivian group loan with only 1 day left to go!

If you can’t or don’t want to loan right now, but want to support Kiva, please go ahead and click on the borrowers’ loan pages.  This will increase their page ranking on the Kiva website, and they’ll be seen by more people.   Thank you!

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