Three weeks of summer

Yesterday, we picked up our third CSA share. I’ve been documenting what we get each week and how we use it on a whiteboard by the fridge. This helps to reduce the chances of mysterious bags of brown goo weeks later when we forgot about that other bag of spinach.

Items with no note text to them means we haven’t eaten any yet.

Spinach (Asian soup)
Chard (sauteed w/tomatoes; in eggs)
Tatsoi (soup w/noodles)
Collards (dried)
Garlic scapes (stir fry; soup w/noodles; lentil soup) — still have some
Sugar snap peas (OM NOM NOM)
Napa cabbage (snack, dumplings)
Radishes (snack)
Bok choy (stir-fry; other stir-fry)

Kale (dried)
Napa cabbage
Garlic scapes
Sugar snap peas (stir-fry)
Snow peas (stir-fry)
Lettuce (salad)
Scallions (salad, fried rice)
Chard (steamed w/shu mai)
Book choy (stir-fry)
Spinach (salad, udon soup) — still have some

Asian greens; ambiguous what kind (fried rice)
Snow peas
Sugar snap peas
Spring bulb onions
Basil, parsley

Moral of the story: we eat a lot of stir-fry. Also, Ben makes *really good* fried rice. And kale and collards dry nicely; I’m going to be sending them to Rosie, and I’ll probably store some for my own use later. They’ll work very well in soups.

Tonight I have planned an early summer roast veggie mix with the onion bulbs, carrots, and beets, seasoned with the herbs and garlic scapes. Some new potatoes would be perfect, but it’s still slightly too early in the season for them. Can you roast radishes? They’re *really pretty* radishes.


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    Aunt ML said,

    What does CSA stand for? And how does it work?

    • 2

      limesarah said,

      CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We have a “share” in an organic farm in Waltham, which we payed for all at once back in January. Each week from June to early November we go to the farm and pick up our share of vegetables, and we get to harvest some things ourselves. Some farms deliver, some require work hours done on the farm (or offer lower-cost shares for more farm labor), and there are meat, honey, egg, and other sorts of shares other than produce. This is our third season with this farm and we’ve been very happy.

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