Graphic Novel log

One reason I haven’t been posting here much is that I’ve been spending all my free time reading graphic novels, which I’ve documented on my other online journal.  You can see the graphic novel entries filtered all into one place here.  I welcome more comments and suggestions of things to read :-)


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    Cousin E said,

    Slightly random comment.
    Why is your other blog called “Fiddledragon”? And why do you have to read graphic novels to be a librarian? If that is why you are keeping this list, that is.

    Cousin E

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      limesarah said,

      It’s called “fiddledragon” mainly because I used to play the violin and was tried various word combinations until I found something that wasn’t picked, and now it’s not worth the effort to change it.

      I don’t *have* to read graphic novels, but it seemed like a neat elective (the list is for the class I’m taking this summer — “Picture Books for Older Readers”) :-) I’m focusing on children’s/YA services, and that’s a particularly fast-growing medium for that age group, so it should be useful. Also, I like graphic novels.

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