More baking

Added to the Delicious Things Total:

— 1 giant pot lentil soup for Friday night

— 1 dozen corn muffins

— 1 pan jam bars

— 1 pan gunky thingamajigs (cookie bars)

— coconut chocolate cookies (dough chilling in refrigerator)

— pumpkin spice cookies (also chilling)

— and 1 pan brownies to be made later


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  1. 1

    Weeping Sore said,

    I’m experimenting with jam, particularly I’m trying to recreate a sour cherry jam from the high-end shelf of the gourmet aisle. Baking sweets is something I try to avoid, but your tempting list of some of the cookies and jam bars you’re making makes my determination waver. I’m already jonesing for enough tomatoes to make some thick savory roasted tomato sauce.

  2. 2

    Cousin E said,

    Reading your old posts . . .
    Tallit looks pretty good.
    I have very very slippery hair that eats bobby pins too.
    And I hope your co-worker does not explode. That would be sad.

  3. 3

    Cousin E said,

    What is a Concertino consuite?

    • 4

      Sarah said,

      Concertino is the Massachusetts version of the Floating Northeast Filk Convention. Filk is, broadly speaking the music of the scifi/fantasy fan community. The consuite is the room for hanging out and eating free food in. So I got to schmooze and feed people for a weekend and it was excellent.

  4. 5

    Rosie said,

    Gunky thingamajigs are excellent with the addition of coconut and/or pecans.

  5. 6

    Aunt ML said,

    E had all four wisdom teeth removed today. No biscuit for Mr. Oral Surgery Guy, even though he was only doing his job.

    • 7

      Sarah said,

      Oh, ow! A suggestion from when I had mine out: if you take two large socks, fill them with ice packs, and knot them tother, you can drape it over your head and have cold on both sides of your head in a conveniently hands-free manner.

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