This weekend, our synagogue is having their biannual retreat.  It should be a lot of fun, and on Sunday I’m teaching people to spin.  I went to Home Depot yesterday, confidently expecting to find all the materials I would need to make CD spindles (dowels and rubber grommets).  But they only had tiny little assortment packs of grommets, when I need about 20 of them, all the same size.  50 would be nice, since I’m doing this again for the NHC retreat in August and then I’d have all I’d ever need.  I looked online, and as far as I can tell, I have to buy several hundred of them, as they’re just not available for retail.  Sigh.  Ben and I cobbled together a solution for now by hot-gluing the dowels to the CDs, but without the grommet there’s no way to get them perfectly straight, so they’ll be even more disposable-student-spindle than they normally are.

I also note that my spinning workshop is the only thing actually scheduled for 10-11 on Sunday.  I hope that at least some people are not planning to attend, because I do not have the materials or teaching skills to teach 50 people at once to spin.

Well, it will be an adventure :-)

Edit: ok, maybe I’ve found something?  If I clicked “buy now” on this, what would you say would arrive in the mail and how many of them would there be?  The side pannel says “1 x 10mm”, but it can’t mean just one doohicky.  It must mean one package.  And I’m hoping 10mm is a good enough conversion for 3/8in.  $33 isn’t an unreasonable price for a big bag of them if that’s what it is, and then I just wouldn’t have to buy any more ever.


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    Alexandra said,

    Do you have another hardware store besides Home Depot? I found grommets for spindles in the electrical supply section of Menards (a midwest chain). Only 8 to a package, I think, but they weren’t assortment packs and I had my choice of sizes.

    • 2

      limesarah said,

      Not real nearby. There’s a small independent one in Central Square that I normally try to buy from, but they don’t have a large electrical section. I might try anyway, next time I’m there.

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    tirerim said,

    I think you’d get 100 of them, since that’s the pack size size of the “hole size A 10.0” (presumably mm) ones. But they’d come from Australia, so they might take a while and shipping might be expensive.

    I second the notion of checking a local hardware store — they’re often more helpful, and with a better selection, than Home Depot.

  3. 4

    tirerim said,

    eBay is useful:

    5/8 x 3/8 (if you want the groove diameter very slightly larger than the hole of the CD, for a tight fit, but maybe hard to get the cd on)

    1/2 x 3/8 (if you want a looser fit on the CD, but easier to get it on)

    Apparently, automotive supply stores might be a good place to look, too.

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