I had my first class meeting last night.  It went pretty well.  The late hour was partly made up for by the fact that I could “attend class” in my bathrobe with a pot of hot spiced chai to drink.    It was slightly frustrating that we spent pretty much the entire two hours going over the syllabus, including questions that people should have been able to answer beforehand just by actually reading the thing.  But oh well.  We’re giving presentations on books starting next week.  I’m going to present Digger, I think by actually speaking as Digger with PowerPoint-ified clips from the comic as visual aid.

I wonder if I could find someone to teach me to chant a couple lines of trope in time to use that as aid for presenting Megillat Esther?  I can think of some reeeally fun ways to booktalk that given the animation software I have available at work.  If I could find some Persian rock music, that would also be handy.

And yes, I’m intentionally trying to claim the weird ones to booktalk.  So far I have dibs on Digger and The Arrival.  (We can’t present on the same book as anyone else.)


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    Emily said,

    You’re an Ursula Vernon fan! Have you read Nurk? Do you follow her blog? http://ursalav.livejournal.com/ ? I’ve never met her, but she’s high on the list of people I’d love to meet…

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