Advertising not intended for people who overthink things

We got these fliers in our boxes at work advertising Weight Watchers.  They said “You don’t need a diet; you need momentum!”, advertising their exercise program.  I’m certain that their exercise program is not intended to be taken with sensible quantities of cake, so the “you don’t need a diet!” part annoys me to start with.  But then I thought…if I lose weight like they apparently think I need to, I would have less momentum.  Heavier things have more momentum.  Though, realistically, I would almost certainly gain weight if I started an intensive exercise program, because I’m both relatively slim and relatively wimpy, so I would gain muscle, which weighs something.  The fact that Weight Watchers would be dismayed by this outcome just illustrates how broken our society is with its obsession with “health” (read: decorativeness).


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