Bad state government. No biscuit.

I called my congresscritter today :-)  Besides a brief moment of panic at getting a real person on the phone rather than voicemail, I think I was reasonably coherent.  It wasn’t a long phone call anyway.

The reason I called was that the Massachusetts Senate is attempting to put through a budget that reduces the state’s debt by slashing programs for those most affected by the same crises that put the state in debt — low-income housing, teen violence prevention programs, health-care, etc.  This is in contrast to the House budget plan that made some cuts, but also raised the sales tax.  Yeah, boo taxes, but at least then everyone suffers more or less equally.  I will happily pay another percentage point worth of sales tax if that will mean not taking away someone else’s home.

Anyone in Massachusetts, please call your Senator by THURSDAY if you want to encourage them to raise taxes instead of cutting services.  You can find their information here:


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    Nicole said,

    The 2009 One Local Summer challenge begins on June 1 this year – I hope you can join us again!!

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