Primordial Soup

Friday night, Ben made Indonesian oxtail soup.  Delicious!  Cow tail doesn’t have as many weird chewy bits as some other weird chewy cow bits, and is conveniently cheap.  We could also have probably made an entire giant pot of stock just from those tailbones; they were so flavorful.

Then tonight, I decided to look up a vegetarian split pea soup recipe, to use up some of the split peas I bought on impulse a while ago.  I like split peas now.  I remember them as being just kind of that lentily muddy flavor plus the pepper and ham that generally flavors split pea soup — tasty, but I might as well just make regular lentil soup.  But I’m not sure if it was the shorter cooking time or the simple ingredients or if these are just really good split peas, but with this recipe they taste green!  like peas!  I also clearly need to put smoked paprika in everything now.  I steeped it in the olive oil to make a beautifully brick-colored drizzle on top of the finished soup.  I want to try this again when we get garlic scapes and use those in place of some of the onions.

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    Aunt ML said,

    I make pea soup without ham sometimes. I just put salt in to replace the salty ham. You can use chicken broth instead of some of the water, also, for flavor. I have a recipe that calls for carrots, celery and dried marjoram (you can use thyme) and a few dashes of hot sauce (not Tobasco, although if you really like that…).

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