First draft of my paper is done and returned from professor with mostly-useful comments (though really, did he have to get that snarky about me putting a period after the “et” in “et al.”?  It’s a rough draft!  Sigh.  He also asked at one point “why the weird English?”  Because I enjoy complex subordinate clauses and excessive commas, that’s why!  “awkward; how about “X”?” would have been quite sufficient, thank you.).  One load of dishes is almost done, and I’ll put in another when it finishes drying.  I’m hoping to get my room cleaned up a bit…I’ve done some clutter triage in the past couple of weeks, but the piles are starting to get kind of ridiculous.

I’m hanging in there, but I can definitely watch my temper fraying.  I’ve been generically cranky and/or sleepy much more often than usual, despite getting a quite reasonable amount and quality of sleep most nights.  Much of the crazy will be over in the next two weeks.  At least what seems like half of the entire Library and Technology Services department has volunteered to help with spring returns (though only about four of them are trained to do anything more complicated than check in books, because they work in completely different fields…) And meanwhile, my latest box of fuzzy fiber goodness contained a free sample of The Shiniest Fiber in the World, so I have that to console myself with.


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    tirerim said,


    What’s the Shiniest Fiber in the World?

    • 2

      limesarah said,

      Thanks :-)

      This is the shiniest fiber in the world:

      The little sparkly bits are much, much sparklier in person. Though last night I forgot the cardinal rule of spinning silk — do not do so in velvet clothing. I now have velvet pants that make it look like I own a fluorescent yellow cat!

  2. 3

    Weeping Sore said,

    Your ordeal must be coming to an end if you’ve turned in the draft. Courage. Remember, the darkest hour is just before dawn. And good on you about “weird English”. Nothin’ wrong with weird.

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