I had an excellent, very vivid dream last night.  We bought a farm in Waltham.  It was right in the middle of town; near Waltham Center…not very big, but it had a house and a tree and lots of open space.  Very bad drainage, which was why it was so cheap, but in places it stayed so wet that we were pretty sure we could grow rice.  And it came with these sort of collapsing raised bed things where you pulled out drawers and then planted things in them.  They weren’t anywhere near deep enough to have enough soil to really work, but it otherwise wasn’t a completely absurd idea.

This may have been sparked by going to Henrietta’s Kitchen again with Dad and Rosie and Ben.  I had delicious Tibetan beef-vegetable soup and an amazing salad.  I really, really like their salads.  The soup was also lovely, though it contained only two small pieces of meat.  It was very much a peasant sort of soup where the meat was mainly flavor.  I’m not really complaining, but I’d been looking forward to having beef that I could eat happily.


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