Baked librarians and PSA

According to the internet, it is now 95.8 degrees outside, and they haven’t turned on the air conditioning.  Tomorrow, the high is 61.

Weather is weird.

Also, a Public Service Announcement:

Hopefully this whole swine flu thing will blow over fairly quickly, but I would like to remind people that in the event of an actual epidemic (which is statistically very likely to occur sooner or later), the WHO and various US agencies recommend that you keep at least two weeks worth of food and water at home.  Stocking up on some extra canned soup, dried fruit, hand sanitizer, and cough syrup now (or possibly last week, depending on how much people panic about this…) will save  you a lot of trouble in an emergency, when stores are liable to run out of things or be inaccessible.  Keeping generally healthy and safe is also key, because you really do not want to be the person trying to get your broken ankle looked at when the ER is flooded with flu patients.


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