Last few days’ update

  • Havurat Shalom in Somerville =  yay!  Awesome crunchy granola Jews.  Obsessively-egalitarian liturgy is an excellent way to practice my Hebrew feminine endings.  I should remember this, as well as Etz Chayim, as a place to go when Ben is not here or we otherwise don’t want to do a normal Friday night.
  • Fiber Festival = more yay!  There was a Leah and we went around and looked at dwarf goats and sheeps and fiber and yarn and all sorts of other exciting shiny things.  I have wonderful merino-tencel roving and have given Leah some basic wheel lessons.
  • Red lentil soup with canned pumpkin = yum!  This is an excellent plan for when I’m making red lentils and feel like there should be some form of vegetable with the meal but am otherwise uninspired.  The pumpkin adds a lovely creaminess and the flavor melds nicely, especially with some cinnamon and cumin and ginger.
  • I explained to my supervisor that I wasn’t quite as irreplaceable as he had thought I was.  There’s no chance of me actually getting laid off any time soon, because while K knows how to do my job, she cannot actually do both my job and her job without bilocating or exploding.  And we like her very much and would not want her to explode.  Nevertheless, this little voice reminded me afterwards that actually, being thought indispensable is kind of handy.

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