Finished going through sources for the paper.  I have a very nice selection including a report from one library that actually did interfile its reference and main collections (sadly, a public library instead of an academic one, but I think that’s still a valid example).

And I am happy because I have an awesomely cute kerchief that I just got in the mail.  I really like the aesthetic of scarves and bandanas and such, but the standard paisly ones you get at the dollar store really aren’t formal enough for work, and filmy silk ones do not stay on my head (I have very very slippery hair that eats bobby pins).  This one is a sort of vaguely floral cream-and-black print in a srunchy fabric that makes it non-slip.


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    Batshua said,

    I want pictures of the kerchief!

  2. 3

    debka_notion said,

    That is a cute kerchief. AS far as keeping them on- I find that those bendy clips work much better than bobby pins for staying in my hair, although I’ve had better luck with bobby pins lately than I used to. But they might well be worth a shot, if you’re looking for things to help attach cloth to your head.

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