Work and more Beantown

In honor of National Library Workers’ Day, I get to completely re-evaluate a substantial chunk of the Giant Evil Project.  *headdesk*

But I am amused to note from my handy blog statistics that I am not the only one contemplating the existance of kosher-for-Passover popovers.  I have obtained cake meal and will be trying this once Passover is over…things stick to the popover pan indelibly enough that while I don’t do the whole separate-dishes thing, the popover pan is definitely not kosher even by my definition.  And Passover popovers just seem so *wrong*, anyway.

I made baked beans yesterday!  They were easy…before I leave for work, put the ingredients in a pot, put the pot in the oven at 250 degrees, open pot when I get home.  This discovery is actually slightly related to the previous paragraph, as it causes me amusement to make very long-cooking Passover food, given the original explanation for matzo.  Though I do also like whoever-it-was’s idea of making a seder involving only food that can be prepared in under 18 minutes (matzo must be made with in less than 18 minutes from the time the flour comes into contact with water).


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    Aunt ML said,

    Back to the topic of a desire for order; E has been reading the Norton Anthology of Children’s Literature (2005), and came across a description of various permutations/adulterations of Beatrix Potter stories. She was outraged. Vocabulary dumbed down (Reference to Mr. MacGregor putting Mr. Cottontail in a pie was too brutal), different illustrations were used (the text was stolen, but not the images), a version was made using stuffed animals in photograhs (?). Not earth-shattering in the Great Scheme of Things, but still.

    On a side note, I see a “possibly related posts” about a car-ready crock pot. We actually have one of those. :)

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