I’m actually feeling kind of inspired about my final project for Evaluation.  I still despise the class (I really felt like I understood the material for the second quiz — it’s not that hard — but I did poorly on the quiz itself because the questions were so poorly designed.  Irony award: at least half the quiz was on proper question design for surveys.), but I sort of want to thumb my nose at the inept teaching by turning in an awesome final project.  The dark cloud in this plan is that it will probably be awesome only to me, as I have no idea what our final project is supposed to consist of.  The paper we have for an example is someone’s analysis of the results of a survey she already gave to the study population.  We’ve just designed a survey which we are not assumed to be actually conducting. (Which is good, as plenty of us aren’t working in libraries and thus made up a survey population.  And those of us who are working in libraries can’t necessarily just use our patrons as guinea pigs for homework.)  So I’m not sure how that paper is relevant to what we’re supposed to turn in other than generally being in the same field.  *shrug*


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