Done is good

Finished story program for Storytelling.  I did a Passover-themed one…it seemed seasonally appropriate.  It was conveniently exactly the right audience for the excellent Golem picture book by Wisniewski, so I get to pretend to use it ;-) (Despite being a picture book, it’s really not for little kids; my story program is for 4-6th graders and the picture book is in the middle, so hopefully they’ll trust me by that point and not be offended at the thought of being read a picture book.  If I were actually doing this.  Which I’m not.  But I’m supposed to be thinking about things like this.)

I also have 200 yards of deliciously variegated blue yarn.  I’m getting more predictable with my spinning…at least for this sort of heavy sock-weight yarn, I can reliably get just about 200 yards per four-ounce roving braid.

Concertino Concom meeting was yesterday and we plotted about consuite stuff.  Now all we need is minions.  And, y’know, food, but food needs to be obtained considerably closer to the actual con date than minions.  Hey, people who keep actually-strict kosher — is it possible (perhaps with those disposable foil baking trays and similar implements) for me to make kosher baked goods in my apartment without actually kashering the entire kitchen?  It’s probably safer just not to bother and make sure some reasonably quantity of the packaged stuff we get is kosher, but it seems like one of those things that I should know how to do if it’s possible.


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    debka_notion said,

    In order to make kosher baked goods in a non-kosher oven, you need to make them in a disposable or otherwise kosher pan, and prep them with kosher/not-previously-used implements, and then bake them double-wrapped in aluminum foil or the like. This works fine for brownies and the like, but clearly is more difficult for say, muffins.

    Alternatively, you could just get new stuff to prep them in, and kasher the oven and nothing else. Kashering an oven is a pain, but much easier than doing the whole kitchen. (If you have a self-cleaning oven, that will do the trick. Otherwise, you need to clean it, and then leave it on the highest temperature for an hour.)

    I hope that that helps.

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