Popovers work very well with coconut milk instead of cow milk; they’re a little denser and moister, but I also took them out 5 minutes early because we were in a hurry.  I put in some turmeric and ginger, which gave them a nice Indian touch.  The spices were more pronounced the next day.

And yes, I must inform the internet every time I make popovers ;-)

I’m home sick again; sore throat.  I’m not sure why I’ve gotten sick so much this winter.  It might just be stress…I don’t think my diet’s changed much.  I picked up these “shower soother” tablets at the Hannaford on impulse when I got sore throat lozenges.  They have various happy airway-opening scents in them, and you put the tablet on the shower floor and it releases the vapor.  I had assumed it was just essential oils and chalk or something to hold it together, because I was silly.  No, there’s something it it that makes it heat up when wet, and you are supposed to avoid touching it.  Ok, I thought, they Did Science To It and it will work better than just essential oils and binder.  But I took a shower and it really didn’t work very well at all, and now I have this purple tablet glued to the shower floor because it didn’t disintegrate completely.  I get a more delicious-smelling shower just by putting perfume oil in the baking soda I use on my hair.  The eucalyptus and camphor did manage to penetrate my stuffiness, but not really to a usefully therapeutic level.  Oh well.  It was an experiment.  And on the plus side,  Hannaford also sells pectin throat drops in tubs of 100 with a free little metal travel tin inside.

We placed an order for sustainably-raised cow bits to be picked up on Monday.  Does anyone have good recipes for liver or heart that make it taste good?  I don’t like that there are edible bits of animals that I won’t eat.  We did get some tail that Ben has promised to make into Indonesian oxtail soup.

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    Aunt ML said,

    May one inquire why you use baking soda on your hair, how, and how much? Thanks.

    • 2

      limesarah said,

      I use a baking soda scrub and vinegar rinse on my hair instead of shampoo. People seem to either love it or hate it — it works beautifully on me. I use a small handful rubbed into wet hair (enough to get some baking soda over all my hair). For a while I used a baking soda-water paste that I used more like shampoo, but just having a tin of the dry stuff on hand seems to work just as well with slightly less effort. Then I rinse that out, squirt over some apple cider vinegar and rinse again. You can put the vinegar directly on the baking soda if you want an excitingly fizzy shower, but that seems to rinse out less well. I have Very Oily Hair…it can be overly drying if your scalp/hair is already dry.

  2. 3

    Cousin E said,

    About your title, Suburban Entwife . . .
    Do you call yourself an entwife because you like to grow things, or do you desire order, and plenty, and peace, by which you mean that things should stay where you have set them? Or both?
    Just wondering.

    • 4

      limesarah said,

      Having gone to a meeting today in which I more or less explained at length that I would like it if the books in the library could remain where I had set them, I am deeply amused :-)

  3. 5

    Cousin E said,

    Re: Boskone and music musings
    The Children of Hurin with the pretty pictures would be the one illustrated by Alan Lee? He does the best LOTR pictures I have seen yet. Although they are kind of oddly misty, in an intriguing sort of way.

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