One would think that the people running the reorganization of the science library would be told in person as soon as relevant information was available, yes?  But no.  We find out when the student newspaper prints an article about it.  Sigh.

I went on a tour of Hebrew College yesterday with the JFCS group.  It’s a really lovely place, though strangely difficult to find.  We spend a while driving around Newton Center knowing that it was obviously at the top of that hill, but not being able to find the right street to go up.  Then we finally found what seemed to be the right street, only to arrive at a sign for…a different theological seminary!  It was kind of amusing.  They’re right next to each other, so we had actually found the right place.  The library was having a book sale.  We saw most of the main building, including their lovely beit midrash (in which the Zohar is shelved next to the bongo drums); I have learned about a new cataloging system that I need to ask our Judaica cataloger about (evidently it’s obsolete now).  We then heard about 2/3 of an utterly fascinating speaker on religious identity that just happened to be scheduled for the same day as our tour.

I do not want to take classes at Hebrew College.  It is unreasonably difficult to get from Waltham to Newton via public transit and it’s a bit hilly for my out-of-shape self to bike to on a regular basis, especially in bad weather.  Please remind me of this fact if I seem to forget it.


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