Update, mostly involving food

There has been quite a bit of cooking lately.  I made delicious homemade noodles, half whole wheat, with lamb’s quarters, tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, and herbs, served with tilapia sauteed in a mushroom-wine-butter sauce.  Yum.  I must remember that mushroom-wine combination.  Then there was Reconstituted Summer Soup – – canned tomatoes, dried eggplant and summer squash, and frozen leeks, plus olive oil, orzo, and herbs.

Monday evening and Tuesday were Purim, but Ben was sick and I wasn’t in a sufficiently extroverted mood to deal with large quantities of people acting crazy, so we stayed home and made hamentaschen and read the graphic novel Megillat Esther.  It was cozy, and my hamentaschen came out actually sort of triangular this time rather than deflating and becoming sombreros instead of 3-cornered hats.  I switched dough recipes and I like this one much better.  N. at work brought in more hamentaschen yesterday and I got the tip from her that thicker dough helps keep them from unfolding.


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