I’m not dead yet…

I can breathe!

I’ve had the Evil Death Cold that’s been spreading around work since last Sunday and am now finally down to the last little sniffles. I’d been really worried, since we presented our 5-minute stories in Storytelling on Friday, but I whacked my system into submission with copious quantities of Sudafed and things went off just fine.  I didn’t have a lunchroom storytime at work on Tuesday like I’d planned, though.  My coworkers were adorably disappointed.  I now really need to figure out what story I’m doing for our 10-minute presentations.  I’m contemplating Rabbi Nachman of Bratislav’s “The King and the Emperor”, but despite it involving cross-dressing, piracy, drunkenness, and lasers, the translation I have just doesn’t convey the right sort of tellable drama.  And I’d have to memorize it, which is doable, but will be harder than something that doesn’t have a clear author.

Wednesday was the only day I made it into work, so I’m going in on Sunday to measure stuff for the Giant Project of Doom.  But I would just like to say for the record that I have awesome coworkers and supervisors.  They’ve been utterly accommodating about me being out this week despite us working on a giant project with a hard deadline, and practically sent me home when I started fading on Wednesday.


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