And with the first of the month come more Kiva loans!


Sanoat in Tajikistan

Sanoat in Tajikistan

Sanoat Hamdamova lives in Vahdat. She is 39 years old, married and has three children. She has been baking and selling traditional flatbread for 15 years. Sanoat decided to obtain this loan to renovate her bakery and improve working conditions. She will be able to repay the loan within 6 months.

I also loaned to a seaweed farmer in the Philippines, but that one was almost fully funded already, and was with a pilot MFI.  I try to pick loans to profile here that are with well-established microfinance banks (unless it’s an Exciting New Country or something), so that if anyone takes my advice and actually lends to them, that will be a nice stable loan to start off with.

Oh, also, it’s snowing.  Again.  4-8 inches are expected tomorrow as it comes up from where it’s currently causing the inhabitants of the deep South even more confusion.


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