Upcoming stuff

Because otherwise I’m going to forget something…..

Tonight: Helping lead Rosh Chodesh (new moon) thing; should probably look up themes for Adar before tonight.  The likelihood of this month being traditionally associated with naps seems slim.  Missed the bus.  Boo.  At least there are two other leaders there, one of whom lead activities for Adar last year, so I’m mostly bummed about not getting to go; it’ll happen fine without me.  I tried to contact people; no luck.

Feb 26: Continuing discussion of food/social justice at CDT  Utterly excellent.  I am now part of the CSA coordination group and the less-coordinated group of people investigating the feasibility of doing something involving finding local poultry farms and/or learning s’chita (kosher slaughter).

March 2: Field trip to Hebrew College

March 5: JFCS Purim party?  I should probably be doing homework.  On the other hand, cookies.

March 6: Storytelling short story due

March 9/10: Purim

March 20-23: Sharing the Fire storytelling conference in Rhode Island

March 27: Storytelling paper and research guide due

Apr 1: Research hypothesis and survey design for Evaluation due

Apr 8-15: Passover

Apr 10: Storytelling story program due

Apr 17: Storytelling story journal due

May 1 or 8: Storytelling long story due

May 3: Bryn Mawr May Day?  Or does it fall in April this year?

May 7: Final proposal for Evaluation due (the proposal *is* the final project, since most of us wouldn’t be able to actually carry out whatever it is)

Summary: Storytelling has an awful lot of homework.  I will have folklore coming out the ears by the end of this class.  Also, the Jewish and academic calendars line up much better than they did last semester.

In the summer, I may get to take an online class in picture books and graphic novels for older readers!  Or possibly one on the art of the picture book or on services for minority and otherwise underserved communities if the first one fills up!  And there are a couple of in-person classes that look fine if all the online spots get taken.

And finally, I have just filled out an official Petition to Graduate in February 2010. (2010 still sounds like The Future in a way that 2009 doesn’t…)  Yaaay!


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    ShinyAnna said,

    Mayday is indeed May 3rd. So excited to see you then!

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