Hebrew Word of the Day

kapod: hedgehog.  Or possibly heron, porcupine, bittern, or short-eared owl.  A creature which will come dwell in your cities after God gets fed up with you and destroys them.  Pelicans may also be involved.

Note to self: if you come across a reference to a passage in Isaiah (in this case, “broom of destruction” (14:23)), do not look up the context and expect it to make any more sense.  But at least now you know the word for what may or may not be hedgehog.


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  1. 1

    Batshua said,

    Kippi Kapod is the hedgehog who plays a role analogous to Big Bird on Shalom Sesame.

  2. 2

    Batshua said,

    … or maybe it’s a porcupine? It’s definitely spikey.


    Muppet Wikia makes this clear as … mud.


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