In which I do not feel smart

We’re doing statistics in evaluations.  I Do Not Get It.  This may be because I got about six hours of sleep, but the words, they arrange themselves in syntactically sensible ways but they do not make any sense.  Some of you must be math-type people.  Can anyone recommend a statistics text (preferably focused on experimental design/evaluation) that is actually readable for non-mathy people?  Because this actually is interesting, or at least can be done to produce interesting things, and it seems important for me to know even outside of passing the class.

Update: I’ve now started the second text we have to read, and maybe I should have read this one first.  It’s geared towards librarians rather than researchers in general and is lighter on the math and heavier on the hand-holding.  I’d still like to get a really good grasp of statistics, but if we don’t have to actually construct all these Greek-letter formulae on command for this class, I may wait and see if I can audit an intro stat class at Brandeis or something.


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    SR said,

    I have my Stat book from when I took it at ‘ford. I enjoyed it at the time, and I am most emphatically not a math person, so perhaps it will be more helpful to you than your current text?

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    Aunt ML said,

    Don’t look at me :) One of the reasons I changed my major in college was to avoid an upcoming, required statistics class. I know that there is such a thing as probability, but it seems to me that something will either happen, or it won’t. What difference does it make how likely either is to happen?

    I wonder if there are t-shirts for non-mathy people…

  3. 3

    Aunt ML said,

    Some of the shirts on this site are rude, but I like this one about “innumeracy”:

  4. 4

    limesarah said,

    SR — thanks; what’s the title?

  5. 5

    SR said,

    What I have is an older edition of this book (mine is a used copy from 2000:)

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