Boskone and music musings

Boskone was a generally excellent con.  There were fascinating panels (once again, many on fairy tales and YA lit and other such things that I can be amused by pretending I am attending for “professional development”), good people (including an unexpected fellow Riot-er), good singing, and moderately tasty food.  I have two loaves of olive bread left over from the consuite, which featured absurd quantities of day-old bread delivered from a nearby gourmet bakery.  I also have three (signed! to me!) books by Bruce Coville, a copy of The Children of Hurin (sadly, not the hardcover with the pretty pictures, but at least that meant this one was cheaper), five jars of delicious spices, and an illuminated copy of Wee Free Men.  No, really, illuminated.  Pretty.  Mine.  I made quite a lot of green yarn on the drop spindle during filk and panels and gave it to a random person in the knitting circle who was very happily surprised.

I had a bit of a meltdown during Saturday night filk, but it was an oddly useful meltdown, as it made me realize what it is that I need from music.  I should remember to request more sing-along songs from people in open circles since I enjoy it, but that isn’t quite what I want.  And I definitely don’t need to be singing solo, though it would be nifty if my voice were strong enough for it someday.  And I don’t exactly want to be in Sassafrass again — aside from the I’m-not-really-good-enough issue, I don’t have the time and energy to be in a performance group, especially one that meets an hour away from my apartment.  What I want is to be singing in harmony with people, preferably more than, say, 10 of them so that the sound is really full.  Ideally, this means a shapenote or roundsinging or some other similar type of singing-for-fun group so that I could drop in when I was able and not have to worry about rehearsals and deadlines and I wouldn’t be expected to carry a part all on my own very often, but it would still be about the beautiful harmony and I’d be singing for pretty much the whole time rather than listening to other people.  I will see what I can do to instigate roundsings in Cambridge (hosting them tends to fail due to not really having a quorum of people who either live in Waltham or can be relied upon to come all the way out here).


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    Shiny Anna said,

    Hey look, you’ve nailed about what I want from singing too! Why am I not surprised?

    I’ve decided that wherever I live next year I will probably do shape note and try to organize roundsinging as time permits, and join some sort of casual choir as well. (Since I have been badly burned by people flaking out on my roundsings and want something regularly scheduled).

    Incidentally, this is also part of why I don’t really want to go to cons anymore–the singing’s ok, ut not quite satisfying enough to compensate for the meltdowns triggered by tiredness, lack of food, people overload, etc.

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