Life is good

— Work has gone from me wanting to hide under a table and go “GAH I DON’T WANT TO MOVE THE BOOKS AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME” to “this is hard and requires insane amounts of calculation and pestering the Powers That Be for funding, but is going to be really kind of fun and I think we can do this”.  I get to lead one of the projects.  I will have power.  Sort of.  Also I get to teach freshmen seminars this semester.  Muahahhaha…

— The Evil Class was slightly less evil this week.  I think I can handle the professor after all.  I really just want to pat him on the head and gently let him know that not everyone finds evaluation as fascinating as he does.  Also that he really needs to stop trying to find examples in our field that will make it interesting, as half the time nobody gets the reference even if they were an X major, and the other half two people get it and the rest of us sit there with our eyes glazing over.

— Tomorrow there will be Storytelling at which we will tell tall tales.  And just in time a package arrived for me containing CDs which are recordings of my grandmother practicing storytelling! :-D  I will bring them to class and show them off.

— After Storytelling I will head straight to Boston for Boskone, a nifty sci-fi convention heavy on the filksinging and hanging out with excellent people.  I will be sharing a hotel room with Ben and both of my ex-boyfriends who went to Swarthmore.  This amuses me greatly.


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