I am not at work, and will not be going to class, because I’m having a costochondritis flareup.  Grrrrr.  Rough synopsis: “Your ribcage has decided that it hates you.  We don’t know why.  It’s harmless unless it gets bad enough that you can’t breathe.  Ibuprofin and heat might help, and it’ll go away on its own in a day or two.”  The most annoying part of it is that lying prone makes it worse, so I had to sleep propped up on pillows last night, which is never really comfortable.

I wanted to go to class.  And to work, for that matter, because now there’s only one supervisor there and I feel kind of bad about leaving her all by herself.  And there was going to be singing and dancing tonight.  Well, I’ll go watch the other people sing and dance, I guess, and maybe hum carefully.  At least this doesn’t interfere with the potluck portion of the evening.

To distract me, there will be yarn.  I’ve been alternating between the white background yarn and this amazingly pink Wensleydale that I bought in a fit of girliness.  Wensleydale is a longwool breed whose wool is similar to mohair.  I’m going to do it two-ply, and I’m pretty sure that if I could get it really super-even, it would be passable as warp.  It’s not as slippery as mohair but has all the strength advantages of long wool.


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    Hope you get to feeling better.

    Ruth Petty

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    Aunt ML said,

    Bummer! Praying your ribs are back to normal soon.

    So where do you get your wool?

    • 3

      limesarah said,

      I prefer http://www.localharvest.com and http://www.etsy.com for wool, since they both support small businesses. The former is good for rare breeds and pretty natural colors, the latter is great for finding hand-painted roving. I particularly like “moonlightbaker”‘s stuff on Etsy. http://www.thewoolery.com is also a really good source of stuff, particularly supplies and random exotic fibers. I also get fiber at festivals, but those are usually only once a year and can be in annoyingly rural locations (though there’s one in Waltham in the summer that’s within walking distance!).

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