Kiva Friday — 2/6


Candaleria Hernandez in Nicaragua

Candaleria Hernandez in Nicaragua

Señora Hernandez is single, 39, and a nursing assistant. She has 23 years of service at Hospital Asunción. She has two children, a son who is in his third year of studying zoology at the agricultural university, and a daughter who is in fourth grade. Candelaria considers that she rented a place to live for 18 years, and at the end of 2008, she thought she earned enough money to realize her dream of having her own home. She acquired her home through Cáritas, where she paid $1,000. She had the land that she purchased with her credits that AFODENIC offered her. On this occasion, she is requesting her sixth credit, which she will use to build a small addition to her kitchen, to install electricity and water, and to construct a bathroom, which will give her home more comfort. At the same time, she will accomplish the project that she set out to achieve and will have the possibility of moving into her own home, a dream that she has has for a long time. With the support of AFODENIC, she can now offer her children their own roof to sleep under. Although it is small, it is worthy and it’s better because it’s their own. She has the support of her son, who makes money while he is not in class and shares with her. She expresses that she always asks God to let her comply with her credit obligations because it is always necessary to serve him with confidence.


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