StoryList (will update as needed)

Stories I’m collecting to learn at some point (at least two of these will be performed for class):

Marsh Hawk (Athabascan; spunky fat little chipmunks outwit hawk)

No Tigers in Borneo (Indonesian; mouse deer saves Borneo from being eaten by tigers)

Little Miss Frog (Burmese; rather adorable cross between the Frog Prince and Cinderella)

The Bride Who Argued With God (Jewish; bride convinces the Angel of Death not to take her fiance by using Scriptual references; more of a teen-adult audience)

Sedna (Inuit, rather dark and 14-and-up-ish, explains the origin of sea mammals)

Nasr-ed-Din Hodja in the Pulpit (Turkish; short silly story about the stock “fool” character in Turkish folklore)

I’m thinking of doing one or more of the “folktales” in Watership Down, but you can run into copyright issues that way.  It should be fine for class or cons, though.

I also kind of want to do the Pirate Princess story just because it amuses me so much that there’s a nice traditional Hassidic story that involves, no really, cross-dressing pirates with lasers.  But it’s really long.  Also I’m pretty sure it’s original and thus would have to be memorized.


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