I have just ordered water containers and an emergency gel fuel stove thingie. I’m going to see about making “bug-out bags” this weekend.

And on the ride to class I shall read more happy folktales. Preferably ones involving fluffy bunny rabbits. Hrmph.

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    Aunt ML said,

    I missed something – what are you preparing for?

    Some of us still have our gel stoves from Y2K preparations. And used it this summer when a hurricane came through our state, of all places. :)

    • 2

      limesarah said,

      General zombi attack. More specifically, the disasters that seem actually likely to happen sooner or later in this area are a major ice storm or a flu epidemic. If the weather gets Seriously Wonky, a major hurricane could hit Boston, but even then I think we’re far enough inland that we’d just get an awful lot of rain and a few downed power lines. Or someone could attack the hospital in some way that could cause us to evacuate, but there are so many other terrorist targets in Boston itself that if someone really wanted to be evil, they probably wouldn’t do it in Waltham.

      The bug-out bags will also be useful in the event of a more localized emergency like, say, the apartment catching fire.

  2. 3

    CComMack said,

    Your nearest currently active Nuclear Reactors are Pilgrim (near Plymouth, MA), Seabrook (NH Seacoast), Vermont Yankee (near the VT/NH/MA tripoint), the collection of USN reactors at Naval Submarine Base New London (Groton, CT) and Millstone (Niantic Bay, CT). The only one which is due west of you (i.e. upwind) is Vermont Yankee.

    If you are thinking seriously about emergency preparedness, I might ask your doctor about what your pill-based thyroid means in the event of Radiological Incident. One of the primary risks, normally, is the accumulation of radioactive iodine isotopes in the thyroid, which is why some people keep a stockpile of potassium iodide pills, and more practically-minded people just make sure never to run out of nori and kombu at the same time. :-)

  3. 4

    CComMack said,

    Er, actually there are three research reactors much closer to you that were not on the list I consulted; one each at MIT, UMass Lowell, and Worcester Poly.

  4. 5

    limesarah said,

    I had no idea nuclear reactors were so common in this area! Interesting.

    In the event of Radiological Incident, I am now completely protected from stray radioiodine due to not having a thyroid to destroy, and someone else can have my (currently nonexistent) potassium iodide pills :-) I was somehow kind of delighted when I realized that. I also don’t need iodine anymore.

  5. 6

    limesarah said,

    Though I should get a prescription for an extra 90-day bottle of pills next time I go to the doctor.

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