Sarah fall down, go boom

The sidewalks here are pretty much one solid mass of ice, slightly melting to lower the coefficient of friction impressively.  The bottom two vertebrae of my spine would like to protest this development after they hit the ice with more force than really seemed necessary.  I am now typing lying on my stomach while balancing a bag full of snow on my backside.  At least this weather means that we don’t have to worry about material for ice packs.

But on the plus side, there was an excellent birthday party for a friend featuring many lovely people including a surprise appearance by a former library minion from last summer.  And I spun almost 200 yards of splendidly fluffy purple 3-ply yarn…I’d gotten a bit tired of doing the really fine stuff for the tallit, so I thought I’d give myself a break and do a quicker project.


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    Aunt ML said,

    Ow! Sorry to hear about your fall. Does your ice pack have a copy of The Lord of the Rings in it? :)

    I was walking across the thick ice sheet that was a friend’s driveway last week, and it made a cracking noise, just like ice on a pond might make if one shouldn’t be out on it. Very weird.

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