More snow

It’s snowing heavily…it’s really quite pretty, but this means half my coworkers aren’t in today.  Some warmer air will come through this evening and change it to rain.  The evening commute “may be quite messy” according to the internet.  And I have class tonight.  Maybe it’ll be cancelled?

Update: No class!  Yaaaaay!

Though I got comments back for our first assignment and I am rather confused about the professor’s expectations.  For this one, we’re just graded on whether we did it and made an effort, so I’m not that concerned, but I’ll definitely be asking lots of questions on future assignments.  For example, we had to write an outline of the research process and one of my first steps was narrowing down a topic, making sure there was enough published on your topic, etc.  To which he comments “What if you are already assigned a topic?  What if you are researching a completely new topic?”  Um…if you’re already assigned a topic, then congratulations!  You have a research topic and can completely disregard all steps relating to finding one!  Do I really need to spell that out?  And if you’re doing something completely new, then you’d better have a really, really good handle on the background of your general topic, and it’s likely to be rather harder than working with something people have studied before, but again in that case you have a special situation and can disregard the advice to find a topic about which there is enough previously-published work.  Sigh.  At least he does give extensive feedback, which is better than the other extreme of sending one’s assignments into a professorial black hole and never hearing about them again.


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