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Lunch today was risotto with vanilla, butternut squash, and parmesan.  I really like the vanilla in that savory setting; it adds warmth and a nice muskiness without being overpowering.  I’d never made risotto before…it’s definitely tasty, but I’m not sure that it’s worth that much work.  That was a very good use for butternut sqush, though!  The sweetness complements the rice and cheese perfectly.  And you add in the cheese at the last minute, so I can scoop out a bowl for Ben beforehand (attempts at surreptitiously introducing cheese into his diet failed; it was probably a bad idea).  Definitely keeping the recipe for when I feel swank.

Can you make risotto with short-grain brown rice?


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    Herbert said,

    Risotto will work with non Arborrio rices. I originally learned to make it with basmati. It will take longer with brown rice to note, and you should not rinse the rice before hand; you’ll need the extra starch. Japanese rice is good for this reason, though you have to watch it more so it doesn’t get sticky. Also you can make a yummy risotto-like dish with barely.

    I would normally suggest adding extra cheese to non Arborrio risotto to substitute in some creaminess, but obviously not as good a suggestion here. :-P

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    Mark said,

    Funny, I don’t think of risotto as that much work. Chop a few veggies, sautee, stir.

    Okay, so it’s a lot of stirring. And it’s totally worth it.

  3. 3

    limesarah said,

    Thank, Herbert!

    I think a lot of the “more difficult” will go away with time, as there was rather too much is-this-done-yet? along with the stirring. Partly-done risotto looks different from partly-done standard rice.

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