Why do I have to read this before the semester even starts?

This book on “Evaluation” (which I have yet to have satisfactorily defined to me; that’s in the third text, which we are supposed to closely consult but  not, evidently, actually read, given our assignment description) has half a page of dense, jargon-y text about how evaluation of a program which is completed before major decisions are made changing the program is generally more helpful, and you should complete things by the deadline given.  Well…yes.  I thought that fell into the general category of “if people pay you to do stuff, you should do it on time.”  Different people may have greater or lesser success actually doing this due to a variety of factors, but I wouldn’t think a text would need to go into quite such detail explaining the concept.

And in conclusion, I am so very much not looking forward to this class.

But I cleaned the kitchen floor on Monday!  And made acorn squash spaetzle and cream-of-broccoli soup!  They were delicious.


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