In which women’s clothing sizes make no sense

I’ve just ordered a pair of these long underpants.  Besides the fact that I’m sure you’re all just fascinated by my thermal underclothing, I wanted to draw your attention to the size chart.  Click on it.  Note the helpful “measurements given in inches unless otherwise specified”.  If you were not already familiar with the insanity that is US women’s clothing sizing, you would be very, very confused.


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    Aunt ML said,

    Oh I say! (as E would say). I’ve been looking for longies for her, and the “thermals” in the stores have looked like crinkly t-shirts, not warm at all. I checked your link, and those look worth investigating.

    I had looked into Damart Thermolactyl, which is what I have, from many years ago, but the description of the pants included neckline details, which made me reluctant to rely on the web site.

    Thanks for the e-mail. I look forward to reading your story. :)

    We’re watching PBS’s Manor House historical re-enactment on DVD. All is not going well below-stairs.

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    Aunt ML said,

    By the way, can you explain to this older person what a “TrackBack” is? And how do I subscribe to your blog so that I get an e-mail telling me when you’ve posted? I’m very much enjoying your blog.

    Thanks for the help on the thermals search, by the way.

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    Jillian said,

    Wow. That’s truly special.

    I bought a pair of silk long underwear on a couple years ago. But I have no idea how they compare to other things, and mostly bought them because they were on sale and I was curious. Thin layer of black silk pointelle which provides a ton of insulation when I’m running without looking bulky, but might not be as warm as something more substantial.

    Incidentally, there’s something weird about this text box where my words keep going over the edge so I can’t see what I’m typing. Don’t know if you have any control over that, and it’s probably fine on normale computers. (Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex running Firefox; it might all just be Ibex’s fault rather than WordPress’s, since it’s a fairly new release.)

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