Brief update

The short version:

  • The DC-Chicago train went very nicely.
  • The Chicato-SF train was delayed almost 8 hours due to mechanical trouble in the station, ice on the switches, and an impressively damaged bridge, so we got in at 1 in the morning.
  • San Francisco is lovely and still not flat.  We have seen many museums and visited lots of interesting people.
  • Slumdog Millionaire is an excellent movie.  Go see it.  Only, possibly not if you’re sensitive to flashing lights.
  • Muir Woods (redwoods!) is amazing.
  • There are things growing here!  We went to the Farmer’s Market and there were citrus fruits and vegetables and I had happy sustainable lamb for lunch and this makes me very happy.  I also bought absurdly gourmet caramels, which I may share with people in Boston when I get back if you ask nicely.
  • There will be another museum and Judaica shopping today.
  • Then tomorrow we drive down to LA, stopping at the Monterray Bay Aquarium and staying the night in a cute motel in Big Sur.  The number of restaurants in Big Sur that both serve things I eat and are not obscenely expensive is distressingly small.  The one really neat-sounding one I found on the internet isn’t open on Mondays.

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    Aunt ML said,

    Maybe you could forage in health food stores?

    We finally got significant snow!!!

    Today I bought some fresh strawberries. They were grown in the USA (good – pesticide regulations), but were most likely not locally grown (it being winter), but got strong weight management and nutrition points (joining Weight Watchers next week), and were on sale (economic concerns).

    They were, however, huge and glorious. I like to think that they carpooled here with other strawberries from wherever they were grown. :)

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