The Arrival

We did in fact arrive in Rockville on Wednesday safe and sound, and had a lovely Christmas with many cookies and interesting gifts exchanged and tasty dinner.  I now have flax!  But I think this will require the wheel, and possibly reading up more about flax technique…it’s cut flax, not strick (the whole length of the flax plant), which will make it easier, but I still didn’t have a whole lot of luck trying it on the spindle.

I also received a copy of the book The Arrival, by Shaun Tam.  It’s told entirely in pictures, done in sepia and black-and-white, so that they look like old photographs.  The story is a series of vignettes about immigrating to a new country, filled with all sorts of people and strange creatures and architecture and such.  The lack of words really helps draw the reader into that sense of confusion and discovery as the main character tries to find his way through the strange city.  I’m really not explaining it well, but you all must read this book.




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    Aunt ML said,

    It took me a bit to get the correct mental image for your flax – at our house, we eat it (seed, ground). :)

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