An Expotition to the West Pole

The Great Train Expotition begins tomorrow morning.  We will take a train to DC to see my family for Christmas, then on the 26th, we will board another train (the Capitol Limited) to Chicago, have a few hours there to hang out, then transfer to our shiny roomette on the California Zephyr to San Francisco.  After a few days with Ben’s friends and relations in that area, we will drive to Los Angeles, stopping at the Monterray Bay Aquarium and some suitably quaint lodgings halfway down.  Another few days with other assorted friends and relations in LA, then we will repeat the earlier process via the Southwest Chief (another sleeper car) to Chicago and Lake Shore Limited to Boston.  With luck, this will get me back to work on Monday the 12th.

I have clothes and other assorted necessities, gifts for relevant Wintry Gift-Giving Occasions, chocolate-pepper cookies, crochet, spinning, Sudoku, books, and a computer to keep me occupied, squash and sweet potatoes to turn into delicious Christmas dinner (do they still count as “local”?), thyroid pills, checkbook, ID, and other administrative objects, Trader Joe’s trail mixes and sandwiches for the train (we’ll make more sandwiches in DC), Ben’s bringing his camera…

I have rent and gas bill checks written for December, as well as various donations to worthy organizations so that I can get them out of the way before the end of the year.  Everything should be set at work so that nothing explodes in my absence, and I have just enough paid time off saved up since we’re closed for the whole Christmas-New Year’s week.

I’ll freeze the remainder of the winter share greens that we didn’t manage to eat up, and the root vegetables will be fine in their happy styrofoam homes.

The alarm clock is set to wake us up at 6:50 so we can catch the 7:45 bus to South Station.

I think we’re set.  Now for some dinner and frivolousness.  Oh, and setting things on fire at some point — Happy Chanukah!


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    Aunt ML said,

    You are a major Pooh person, aren’t you? :)

    E. got a book of Pooh iron on transfers for Christmas (by request), and also The World of Pooh. We are also Big Into Pooh.

    E. is teaching me to use the German left hand carry method of knitting. I have always used the right hand “fling” method of knitting, which compared to the way she knits seems cumbersome. I may end up with a right hand carry hybrid described in another of E’s Christmas presents, the Mary Thomas Knitting Book. This old dog is struggling to learn the new trick.

    Since you have put food by, and are leaving on vacation (although you may already be gone), here’s a tip: Put several ice cubes in a zip bag in your freezer. If they are still in cube form when you return, your food has not suffered from a prolonged power outage. If they have melted and re-frozen into a lump, your food has been without cool long enough for that to happen, and you may need to toss some.

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