Snow, food, and rambles

Hello, winter!  The world is covered in freezing slush.  Ew.  But we’ll get “significant snow accumulation” on Friday! :-)  Just in time for the weekend.  The one thing that really gets me is how dark it is with everything all overcast.  My body kind of goes “Hmm…cold…dark… Hibernate!”  A worthy proposal, but not really useful.

I haven’t blogged enough about food lately.  I made cornbread yesterday, but forgot the eggs, so it was really more warm damp sweetened cornmeal.  Very tasty.  But lacking in structural integrity.  For lunch today we had noodles with olive oil and seasoned salt and kale.  Dinner will be fried smelts, braised brussles sprouts, and cornbread.  (All veggies are from our new winter CSA share.)  I may attempt to make a peach upside-down cake with some of the ginger peaches I canned.

Update: The brussels sprouts were delicious sauteed with leeks, butter, balsamic vinegar, honey, and some medieval spice mix.  It made a lovely sweet-and-sour effect which cut that distinctive cabbagy-ness to a manageable level.

The feature in WordPress that lets you see what people were searching for when they found your blog is dangerous for librarians.  I keep seeing these questions that I know how to answer, yet I know the blog post they found doesn’t really answer it.  And I can’t contact the person and tell them where to actually find the information.  Must…answer…question!


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    Weeping Sore said,

    Brussels sprouts are one thing I just can’t get into. First, they seem to take forever to produce fruit, by which time the whiteflies are usually too intense to make harvesting them worthwhile. Besides, I don’t like the way they make the house stink when they’re cook. Finally, I’m not a big fan of the taste. So, you’re braver than I in using seasonal veggies. I’ll stick to leek and potato soup this time of year. Start with a veggie broth base and add plenty of cream and/or goat cheese and you’ve got a lovely comfort food.

  2. 2

    limesarah said,

    I’m actually not a huge fan of brussels sprouts, either, but we have two pints of them, so I want to try to find a way to cook them that I like. Lots of butter and balsamic vinegar should do it, I think. And these are all nice little tender ones.

  3. 3

    tirerim said,

    Maple syrup is also very good with brussels sprouts. I learned this from Donna Jo.

  4. 4

    Cedar-cousins said,

    Medieval spices? I’m curious…

    Aunt ML

  5. 5

    limesarah said,

    It’s a mix that I got from a spice seller who sells at sci-fi conventions (…it’s based on a 16th century recipe and contains black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, galangal, cardamom,and long pepper. It makes the world’s best lentil soup.

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